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Please fill out the Sort Request Form with available dates and times from the PARTNERS CORE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM calendar and attach the document in an email to

Download SORT REQUEST FORM here. (NOTE: you may have to click “enable editing” at the top of the document to allow input of your information in to the fixed cells.)

This form will provide:

  • Contact and billing information
  • Biosafety information –
    • Partners – Mass General Brigham Institutional Biosafety Committee (MGB IBC)# (Partners Insight: Login>Biosafety>MGB IBC#/Registration#)
    • DFCI – Biohazard Control Committee (BCC)#
  • Which instrument you are requesting: 4 Laser vs 5 Laser
  • A first and second choice of your requested sort date/time
  • Specifics of your samples (species of origin, cell type, COVID-status, concentration, antibodies/fluorochromes used, gating strategy, and populations desired etc).
  • Sorter conditions/configurations

These details will greatly help expedite scheduling and track performance to ensure consistent, efficient results. Feel free to include a PDF of previous plots and gating strategies for reference.

Requests are scheduled in the order in which they are received. Once the schedule has been updated, a confirmation email will be sent to let you know that your time has been officially booked.

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